Another morning, another coffee

Sig bought a new coffee maker for our house last month. It's sleek, it's different, it is.... well.... It makes good coffee, but we won't be putting these in the condos - we'd just get too many calls from our guests on how to use them! One of the differences I've noticed is that the cheap coffee I sometimes pick up tastes just awful now (I thought it's fine in the regular drip coffee maker). Sig just loads it up with cream and says it's fine, but I drink mine black, and it's not fine.

So it was time to open a new coffee this morning. This one from the Maui Grown Coffee Company in Lahaina, the one under the smoke stack. I recently ran into them at the Maui Coffee Festival at Shops at Wailea. The manager (a friendly gentleman) is, according to all the coffee growers there, the most knowledgeable coffee expert on Maui. So if you have any coffee questions - ask him!!

This morning's coffee is this Dark Star Mokka. Mokka beans are significantly smaller than regular beans, and while you'd think it tasted chocolatey (as per the name), the beans actually smell like honey which I'm told is due to the fermenting process. The coffee itself is delicious.

When in Lahaina, stop in at their coffee shop to sample some of their coffees and shop! Incidentally, we currently have a starter pack of their regular mokka (not the honey version) in our condos. Yum. One pack makes one (12 cup) pot of coffee.

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