How about some great Hawaii reading?

I love to read. Growing up I was such a bookworm. This slowed down when we had kids and life somehow got too busy to read. These days I maybe read four or five books a year. Yes, incredibly pathetic. But when I do find a great read, I'm hooked and will read all night!

One of the kids got a Kindle Fire for Christmas to which we added a 'kindle unlimited' package (a 'Netflix' for books with unlimited reading for around $10/month). I never thought I'd enjoy reading on a tablet, but when I realized that in addition to his account, it also comes with a parent reading account (so I can manage the parental controls), I started looking at what books I might be interested in reading. Maui's own author Toby Neal's books are available for kindle (they are currently all in the $4-5 range and are on the 'kindle unlimited' package for FREE reading).

Sooo.... after 'borrowing' his kindle while he was in school (but then needing to sneak it back into his room before he gets home from school), I finally downloaded the kindle app onto another tablet. Over the course of the past two weeks I have now read the entire Lei Crime Series.

Blood Orchids, the first book
in the Lei Crime Series
Never heard of it? This is a series of books about a young Hawaii police officer Lei Texeira. The first book takes place on Big Island, then for the next few books she is transferred to Kauai, Oahu, finally moving more permanently to Maui. I have loved reading these books, with tidbits of Hawaii culture tucked into them, reading Hawaii pidgin (local dialect), murder mysteries taking place in places I have been to, and then just enjoying the good murder mystery... One book has a part about a World War II ordinance that a man drove to Maui Mall's parking lot (I remember that from the news a year or two ago), another about sugar cane arson case (also in the news a few years ago). Have I wet your appetite? Check out Toby Neal's website for more information!

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