New lunch cafe at Buzz's Wharf

Have you been to Buzz's Wharf in Maalaea Harbor? They are known for their prawns. Absolutely wonderfully delicious prawns.

They have just reopened their restaurant today after taking September off. While lunch used to be sit-down, it is now served cafe-style (dinner is still a full-service restaurant). A friend wanted to go for lunch, so we decided to try out the new lunch at Buzz's Wharf. You go in, take a menu and seat yourself. Once you know what you want, you order your food and drinks from the bar, pay and take a number. Ice water and condiments are on a table closeby, so you help yourself to what you need.

This was all new to my friend and I - we are used to it being a full-service restaurant at lunch too. But we were there and my friend was craving the 'prawns and chips'. I had a coconut prawn sandwich (it was very good) with a side salad. I'm so glad we stayed!

Sure it's very informal - but the prices are good. Still on the fence? They currently have a '15% off entrees' coupon... you just have to sign up on their website!

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