Extra Tsunami Siren Test - TODAY

You may have heard that there was a tsunami siren malfunction last week - it happened in the middle of the night and caused some panic and confusion.

tsunami siren near Kamaole I beach
The County is testing the sirens this morning at 11:45AM. This is NOT like the regular monthly tests - this test in particular is for 'cancel tones' that are supposed to be silent. They will be replicating these 'cancel tones' that caused mechanical sirens to produce short tones last week. The goal of today's test is to have no audible sounds.

Maui County Civil Defense Agency asks for the public's assistance to call ONLY if a siren sounds in your location (808) 270-7285. Again, SILENCE is the goal for this test.

As a reminder, the monthly Emergency Alert System and Siren Warning System test will take place as normally scheduled on the first working day of the month, Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 11:45AM.

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