You've done the Road to Hana but what about the West Maui drive?

Confession... I've never driven the Road to Hana... our family gets really car sick, so we've decided to skip that particular adventure.

However, next on my list of things to do is the drive around West Maui. It is supposed to be beautiful with possibly even nicer scenery (and coastal views) than the Road to Hana. Again, this is hearsay, I haven't done either.

I have been given one very important piece of advice about the West Maui drive, though. Drive it clock-wise... so from Kihei, drive towards Lahaina and then follow the road around which eventually brings you back to Wailuku. Why? Well... nearing the end of the drive (before Waihee) the road becomes very narrow with a steep drop-off on the ocean-side. I'd rather be on the inside than on the cliff-side...
Have you done the two drives? Which is your favorite? And why? I'd love to know!

Here are two links with more information about the West Maui drive, one from Frommers and another from Go Hawaii. Drive safe!

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