Beach run and Outrigger canoes?

My friend and I went for an early morning run yesterday. While we don't have the daylight fluctuations that you on the mainland have, it does vary a bit here (by about 90 minutes or so throughout the year). Currently it is starting to get light around 6am, with the sun rising over Haleakala (if you're in South Kihei) around 7:05am. We used to run on the beach regularly, but with winter it got too dark to see (easy to trip). Have you ever run on the beach? It is a workout, less so if you run close to the ocean where the water has compacted the sand, more so further up the beach.

It was a gorgeous morning yesterday, a bit hazy and humid, but awesome to be on the beach, nonetheless! As we were running, I saw three outrigger canoes with five passengers each paddling by. That is totally on my bucket list! If you want to give it a try, check out the Maui Canoe Club, just north of Sugar Beach Resort (you can't miss it, there are outrigger canoes sitting at the beach). They go out daily, and yes, you can show up, sign a waiver, pay $15, and go paddling. You do have to be able to swim (wear a life jacket if you're not a good swimmer). And as they say on the website - this is not a canoe ride - you are expected to pull your weight! But it would sure be fun to try!

Maui Canoe Club at Sugar Beach

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