Best whale watch ever!

This morning I took my aunt and uncle on a Pacific Whale Foundation whale watch. We were treated to an awesome show! There was a competition pod (males showing off for a female as part of their mating-ritual) of anywhere between 5-10 whales (according to the naturalist). A group of them were diving side-by side. A little tricky to see in this picture, but there are five whales swimming next to eachother directly towards the boat. You see white blow above four of them. They ended up diving under the boat and up on the other side! Click on the picture to enlarge it. So cool...

For some great whale pictures, check out the Pacific Whale Foundation's facebook album. If you are here in February/March, but also the earlier part of April, be sure to go whale watching! It's quite the experience to see these giant humpback whales, the size of a school bus and weighing about 40,000 lbs each!

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