Another pineapple growth development!

As last reported on February 10th, we finally had a pineapple growing from the top of the thick stem. Also, the leaves surrounding the fruit had turned a beautiful pink.

Look what's happened since then...

Feb 17/13 - view from above, isn't it just gorgeous?

Feb 17/13 with small purple blooms opening near the base

Feb 25/13 the purple blooms are now higher up the fruit. The fruit is now about 3 1/4 inches (8 cms) tall

Feb 25/13 there are 6 buds on the stem beneath the pineapple (not sure, are these suckers?)
Feb 25/13 another look at those buds/suckers on the stem

Come back for more pineapple updates! I'll keep you posted on these developments in my flower bed!

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