Oh my.....

Sig and I were at Lowe's today - shopping for toilet parts (oh the joy of being a landlord). Look what we found..... (besides the toilet parts) I thought you'd enjoy this picture. Yes, this was taken at Lowe's in Kahului (yes, on MAUI) - they are selling electric fireplaces!! No, we won't be buying any of these for our condos! You'll sooner be using the A/C than needing to flick the switch one of these lovelies. And just in case you're cold at night - we do have blankets. I'm sure you will be fine!

do you need an electric fireplace at the condo?
So why is Lowe's carrying electric fireplaces? I am going to guess they are for upcountry residents. Some of the houses at higher elevations do have furnaces. I do promise it doesn't get cold enough in Kihei to need one!