Baby Equipment Rental

Do you travel with little kids? I remember arriving on Maui with two kids (at the time they were 3 and 2), playpen, stroller, two car seats, suitcases, hand luggage etc. in tow for our holiday. It was like moving! Except there was no moving truck at Kahului airport - but a Nissan Sentra. We somehow got everything in the car - I distinctly remember balancing the playpen between my legs in the passenger seat for the drive from the airport to Kihei (30 minutes) and one of the suitcases shoved between the kids' car seats in the rear. Talk about stressful. That was one of the reasons we came for 3 weeks - the trip here and back was so stressful we had to recuperate in between!! Just kidding. Well, kind of. Our Maui trips were always well worth it, but I always wished there were an easier way to get here and back (private jet anyone??).

I've recently found something that would definitely make vacationing with little kids easier.... Akamai Mothers. This is a baby gear rental company here on Maui. I met Dave, the owner, at one of our condos this afternoon as he delivered a playpen, highchair and a number of toys for our guests' one year old to use while they are here (they arrive tonight - and the playpen is already set up and waiting for their sleeping son). I will definitely be following up with them after their stay as to what they thought of this company, their equipment and service. Check out their website for details, and again, look for reviews!

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