See the fishies at Maui Ocean Center

We took our boys to Maui Ocean Center this afternoon. We had an annual membership this year and it definitely paid off.

Maui Ocean Center shows you Hawaii's Marine Life, without getting wet! Our boys love getting the 'fish map' and finding the names of all the fish they find. You should have seen the octopus today - he was ACTIVE putting on quite a show!

My favorite fish there are the frog fish....

frog fish

When they are sitting still (do fish sit?), they are beautifully camouflaged, looking like pieces of coral.

Maui Ocean Center is a relatively small aquarium. The Living Reef showcases the fish you see snorkeling around Maui. There is also a cool shark tank with a glass tunnel where you can sit and enjoy the sharks, rays and other fish all around you.

Consider pre-purchasing your tickets on the Maui Ocean Center website for a 10% discount. Also, when we used to come here on holiday with little kids, we would buy a week's pass. Little kids don't have much of an attention span, this way you can come several times in the week and see more than you would chasing your kids through it once!

Once you finish at the Ocean Center, walk over to Maalaea Harbor to Hula Cookies for some Roselani icecream or Hawaiian Hula cookies.... or better yet, get a homemade ice cream sandwich - your choice of cookies and ice cream! Today we bought the coconut chocolate cookies and hula cookies.

Our friends own Hawaiian Unique Jewelery right next door, so go in and have a look! They have beautiful Hawaiian jewellery for every budget. Say hi to Jason and Shirley for us!

beautiful Maalaea Harbor - this is where you will catch many of your snorkel and whale watching cruises