The Road to Hana

This is one of the most talked about 'things to do' when on Maui. It is a 50 mile trip from Kahului to Hana, though you will find it will take you about 3 hours to drive it (if you don't stop along the way). It has 600 sharp turns and 59 bridges (46 of them are one-lane). In all these years, we have never driven to Hana, though I'm told it's beautiful and that we don't know what we're missing. You see, our whole family is prone to car-sickness - we'll pass on this trip.

My friend Claudia did this drive just this past week. She booked a Hana tour from one of the local concierge services. It picked her up in Kihei at 7am and brought her home by 6pm. Lunch was included I believe. Rather than just driving to Hana and back, it did the whole loop, including passing through that infamous area the car rental companies warn you will void your rental contract. She said the tour was great - the guide very knowledgeable and entertaining. HINT: try to sit on the left side of the bus (behind the driver), that is the best side for taking pictures.

Here's a website with more information about the Road to Hana and what you can expect to see.