Newsflash - it rained today in Kihei!

It rained in Kihei today - it poured for about 5 minutes! This is big news! Kihei/Wailea is in Mount Haleakala's rainshadow and get only about 12 inches of rain a year (other parts of the island get much much more). As a tourist - this means you are pretty much guaranteed great sunny weather for your vacation!

Coming from BC's West Coast I honestly get excited when it rains - not that I miss ALL the rain that the West Coast gets. By far not, but it takes some adjusting to go from 'always green' to 'green only where irrigated' on our corner of the island. Sig teases me when I moan about the lack of rain and says, 'just go upcountry, you'll find the rain'. Of course he's right. We live in Paradise - not much to complain about - but the grass always seems a little greener on the other side.

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