I love my cleaning lady!

I love my cleaning lady! Really, I do. My cleaning lady Cindy is on a well-deserved vacation this week. Her son is getting married, so I hope she is getting vacation time in addition to all the wedding festivities. She is the neatest neat-freak I have ever met. And I mean this in the best way.

The first time I met her, I had asked her to help me do a deep clean at our Sugar Beach condo. She came highly recommended by another owner. We had just bought our Sugar Beach condo and finished a bathroom/floor renovation (it's all tiled, such a wonderful thing). I've been cleaning my home all my adult life (okay, and some of my teen-aged life when absolutely necessary), so I figured - should be no problem for me. Cindy has taught me differently. The most important thing she has taught me is, 'Cleaning condos is different from cleaning your house. If you are a guest and find a hair, you will be disgusted. Even one hair is not acceptable. This is professional cleaning.' The great thing is, I've become better at cleaning my own house. As fun as cleaning that condo was, I've let Cindy do most the cleaning, helping her from time to time when she needed help.

The newly renovated bathroom at Sugar Beach #104
Today I cleaned our Sugar Beach condo again. I kept all her little tricks in mind, being systematic about cleaning, so I didn't forget anything. It usually takes Cindy 2 1/2 hours to clean this condo. It took me 3 1/2 hours. Not bad, for an amateur. The second most important thing Cindy taught me is, 'check your work - after you're done, always walk through the condo, spot checking that you've done it all. Often times you will forget obvious things.' I will be spot-checking later this afternoon. The comforter is in the dryer and needs to be laid out on the bed, I've washed and dried the two throw rugs at home, and I have a box of chocolate macadamia nuts for our guests arriving tonight.

The living area at Sugar Beach #104
I am so thrilled Cindy is back next week to take over the job again. And I am so thankful to have such a wonderful cleaning lady!

The oceanfront grassy area - after cleaning I just wanted to collapse on one of these chairs and listen to the waves. However, I had 'mom-duties' to attend to! Another day!

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