Hawaiian Shirts and such

My husband asked me to iron two of his Hawaiian shirts tonight. Isn't it ironic that casual Hawaiian shirts need ironing? Irons and ironing boards are standard in all four of our condos - just in case you want to iron too!

Maui is very casual. Bring T-shirts, shorts, summery skirts and sundresses, swim wear and cover-ups. That's about it! If you plan to go for a nice dinner, men - wear a casual shirt (Hawaiian shirt?) and khakis, ladies the same or a pretty sundress. Don't forget your slippahs (if you do, have no fear - you can buy them at every corner store) for the beach, they can also double for dining out. Definitely a pair of good walking shoes, and perhaps some water shoes. But don't sweat it - we have plenty of shopping here, just in case you forget something.

Regarding sundresses - I love these, so comfy - check out Jams World.