Hawaiian birthday parties

Have you ever felt stressed about planning your kids' birthday parties? I know I have.... Here in Hawaii birthdays get celebrated big-time.... Kamaole III beach park (near our Maui Kamaole condo) is popular with locals for birthday parties. They invite lots of friends and family, cater it (usually self-catered or potluck), often have bounce castles for the kids and the parties usually last the better part of the day.

Just look at this party....

I would guess there were 80-100 guests at this party with the huge bounce castle

How about this? I think these are two parties that happen to have similar slip and slide castles
Our 6 year old got invited to a classmate's birthday where they had a roasted pig on the menu! Can you imagine??
Needless to say, I get stressed when thinking about our kids' parties.... they are far less elaborate.... I would much rather just pack up my own kids and hit the beach :)
beautiful Kamaole III beach park - the beach is just past the hedge

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