Gecko eggs

My neighbor has something interesting in her garage door..... gecko eggs! I have seen these before, but never knew what they were.

Gecko eggs hidden in the garage door. They are larger than peas.

Geckos are very common here in Hawaii. There are different types... here is a link I found with brief descriptions about them (I have never seen any of those 12-14 inch ones they talk about!).

My first experience with a gecko was on our first trip to Maui in 2004. At bedtime I saw one in my 5 month old's room. I panicked, having horror visions of this gecko (about 3 inches long) getting into the playpen at night. Later I learned that geckos are harmless to humans and eat cockroaches and other bugs (on a side note, our condos are treated preventatively on a regular basis). This makes geckos my friends, though I still jump when I see them in the house. The neighborhood kids have competitions catching (and releasing) them.

We see this type of gecko after dark. They range anywhere from 1-3 inches in length.

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