A breakthrough for me!

My husband loves the heat. He seriously thrives in it. Me, not so much. I actually like cool weather. My ideal temperature range would be between 15-20 Celsius (60-70 Fahrenheit). Kihei's average temperature ranges from 17-31 Celsius (63-90 Fahrenheit). The low temperatures are night-time temperatures. Our weather is virtually the same year-round (well, compared to other parts of the world who experience seasons). Here is a link for Kihei's weather averages. My husband and I have an arrangement - I agree to live here on Maui with him, he agrees to tolerate my heat-related complaints and put on the A/C when I need it. It works for us.

I continue to be surprised by parents picking their kids up from school, wearing long pants, sweaters, Uggs (okay, I ALSO continue to be surprised that people actually buy those ugly boots).... the other day I saw a Samoan guy going for a walk in the heat of the day (about 90 Fahrenheit), wearing shorts and a thick sweatshirt with the hoodie up over his head. In the comfort of my air-conditioned car, I broke into a sweat just watching him. My neighbor keeps telling me, 'just wait Cara! you'll acclimatize!' Trust me, I am anxiously waiting for that acclimatization!

This morning I woke up cold. I haven't woken up cold since we moved to Maui 14 months ago. I actually pulled my robe out of the closet to warm up as I put on the morning coffee. I also had the biggest smile on my face. I was cold! Maybe acclimatization is closer than I realize! Of course, I did break into a sweat later in the morning.

One small step at a time....