Another drive up Haleakala

We are enjoying the visit of a friend from Austria this week. The fun thing about having guests is doing touristy things with them. Really we could do touristy things without guests too, but you know how it is.... life gets busy and you don't always enjoy the beauty around you!

The crater area at 10,023 ft elevation was beautiful as always. I'm always surprised at the variety of colors in the crater valley. The drop of temperature was interesting - we left Kihei at 25 Celsius (77F) at 8:30am this morning. By the time we reached the summit around 10:30 it had dropped to 10C (50F). Back in Kahului around 1:30 it was 29C (84F). I personally enjoyed cooling off even just for an hour or so.

You may enjoy this link about Mount Haleakala.