Seasons on Maui

The average tourist may not realize this, but there are seasons on Maui.

No, I'm not talking about weather seasons - though long-term residents claim there are some (I am too much of a newcomer to be able to tell them apart - to me it seems it's just hot year round).

I'm talking about department store seasons. For instance, right now patio furniture is on sale. It is going out of season. That's right - soon you won't find (much) patio furniture at stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, because it's Christmas season. They won't get any new stock until January.

Silly really, because people sit on their lanais (patios) year-round.

So today I headed to Lowe's and bought some end-of-season comfy patio chairs for our Maui Kamaole condo!

I wonder if they carry snow shovels in Christmas season?

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