Peach jam follow up and what to do with your extra groceries when you leave

I sampled my new peach jam this morning - it turned out fabulous! I ALSO tried the organic honey I found at yesterday's Costco trip. It's an organic honey from the Big Island. Great honey! It does come in a 47 ounce jar - you may have to extend your Maui trip in order to finish the jar!

my new peach jam on the left, Big Island Bees organic honey on the right. Yum!
A short note on Costco..... Costco is a membership-only warehouse chain store in North America. I think the annual membership is $35. They charge only a small mark-up (I think about 10% tops) on everything they sell. The only drawback about Costco is that most things they sell come in LARGE quantities. Tourists often load up at Costco for their groceries and liquor (because it's cheaper), and then have a lot of left-overs at the end of their trip.

What to do with your left-overs? You could make friends with the newly arrived tourists at the pool and offer them some of your surplus. Otherwise, leave the left-overs you think the cleaning lady would appreciate (generally non-perishable or non-opened foods and drinks) in the fridge. Please take the rest to the dumpster.

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