Haleakala - House of the Sun!

Mount Haleakala is the active/dormant (depending on which website you look at) volcano which makes up a large part of Maui. The summit is 10023 ft (3055 metres) high. It is truly awe-inspiring to look into the crater from the viewing platform and admire the view of the neighboring islands. You can also hike a trail into the crater, go horsebackriding etc.

Most tourists make the trip up Haleakala while on Maui, many for sunrise - which means they're leaving their condos at 3 am or so (crazy!! until you think that with the time change, that may well be 6 or 7 am mainland time, which isn't so bad). Some tourists book a trip with a bike tour operator - getting a ride to the summit, looking around, and then biking down from the National Park gates (you aren't allowed to bike on the road inside the National Park).

Still fewer.... the 'crazy' adventure seekers.... rent a mountain bike, get a ride to the top and ride down the volcano off-road.

This is the adventure our friends who are staying at our oceanfront Kihei Surfside condo are currently on.... they just called, they're half way down the mountain and 'still alive'! I can't wait to hear their story when they check in at our place for dinner later!

follow-up: they survived, one of them got a little beat up in a spectacular tumble he took.... nonetheless, they returned with adrenaline pumping and stories to tell!

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