Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Evening Waves

This evening I got to enjoy the pre-sunset waves at Kalama Park in Kihei. There's nothing quite so relaxing as watching and listening to the ocean. Here's a snippet to share with you!

End of summer sales!

Wait a minute - end of summer? it's not the end of summer yet, is it? You're right - it's not. But I have a sale on my available August/September 2014 dates (new bookings only)!

Here's what I currently have available:

Sugar Beach Resort #104 for August 22-Sept 1 and Sept 9-30, 2014
$139/night plus $100 cleaning and 13.417% tax

Maui Kamaole I-103 August 3-10 and August 25-Sept 30, 2014
$159/night plus $110 cleaning and tax

Kihei Surfside 405 August 2-15, 2014 
$160/night plus $105 cleaning and tax


Palms at Wailea 503 August 24-Sept 30 
$220/night, but if you stay 7 nights or longer $210/night plus $150 cleaning and tax.

Confused and wondering about my dates? Normally I direct you to my website, but today - please check out my VRBO listings (links above) which is where I have the specials listed. You can click on the calendar and get a quote right there, knowing exactly what you will pay. Quotes will include the refundable $250 security deposit.

Doesn't a Hawaii getaway sound like fun?? Of course, if you prefer to go visit family, bring them along!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Japanese restaurant in Haiku

yum - this intrigues me - so beautiful!
Our foodie neighbors have been busy trying out new-to-them restaurants this week. While several were just so-so, they can't stop talking about Nuka in Haiku.

Nuka is an Izakaya style Japanese sushi restaurant which features seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Check out their website for pictures and menu. They opened in March 2014 and are open 7 days a week from 4:30-10pm. You can find them at 780 Haiku Road. They do not take reservations.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Early morning at the beach

Ah early morning walk how I've missed you. I will admit to being lazy and preferring the comfort of my bed rather than rising before the sun and exercising.

But today I kicked myself out of bed and got out there before the sun rose over Haleakala (it did catch me at the end of my walk).

And again I was reminded of why I (and many others) enjoy the early morning cool before the sun rises. Today's walk took me along Charlie Young and across Kamaole I beach. It's a pleasant place to be - a few people walking dogs, jogging, fishing, paddle boarding, and perhaps a homeless person sleeping off to the side.

It is absolutely peaceful before the hustle and bustle of sun bathers begins and makes me wish I had my coffee and a chair with me. But that would defeat the purpose of this quest for exercise.

a sand castle survived the night

Kihei construction update

The County of Maui has begun road work on two main roads in Kihei. The first stretch is on South Kihei Road between Alanui Ke Alii (by Kamaole I beach park and the ABC store) and Keonekai (near Kamaole Sands). According to the signs work is being done between 8:30am-3:30pm with one way traffic on these roads only. There are detours.

The second stretch is Kilohana Road at the border between Kihei and Wailea. Kilohana has been a disaster since the road was torn up to replace pipes earlier this year.

I don't at this point know how long this construction will take. Instead of driving - hit the beach!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello there, baby pineapple!

Look what I have - another ripe pineapple! This is the second pineapple to have ripened on my original pineapple plant (one last year, now this one 14 months later). By comparison, it is TINY, the fruit itself measuring 3 inches tall. However, it smells delicious. And there is another slightly larger pineapple still ripening.

As for my other pineapple plants, none of them have even gotten a bud. This pineapple plant was the first Maui Gold pineapple I planted from Costco. The others were later purchases from Costco and while they grew, they have not gotten as large nor had a bud. I wonder if they are GMO with an automatic kill-gene in them as some plants are nowadays. Ah well, it's been fun experimenting.

To read more about my experimental pineapple plantings - click the 'Cara's pineapple' link under 'labels' on the right side of the blog.

the kids call this one crazy-haired. Look how tiny it is, only 3 inches tall.
just enough for a taste

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fantastic Hawaiian Ocean Safety Video

Little known fact: "drowning is the leading cause of death for visitors in the State of Hawaii, and the activity in which we have the most fatalities in the ocean is snorkeling" - Jim Howe, Chief Operating Officer of Ocean Safety

Everyone who goes into the ocean in Hawaii should watch this short ocean safety video by Malika Dudley, Maui meteorologist. Please take the time to watch and don't become a statistic. Click here if the video doesn't load.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our First Tropical Storm of the Season

It's that time of year - hurricane season! Although here in the Pacific they are referred to as cyclones. Just to confuse everyone.

The first named storm of the season for the Central Pacific (Tropical Storm Wali) is expected to come blowing past the Hawaiian Islands starting Saturday late afternoon. Note, it is currently classified as a tropical storm, not a hurricane or cyclone. However, that could change - so please listen to the news. There is a flood watch from 6pm Saturday til 6pm Monday for Maui County. Be aware of heavy rains and high humidity, and even if it doesn't rain where you are, rain water may come running down the mountain - stay safe.

County of Maui warns: "Unstable conditions from an upper trough and deep tropical moisture will bring the threat of heavy showers and thunderstorms. Localized intense rainfall is likely to occur with the potential for flash flooding. The greatest chance of flooding will occur over windward slopes, with a lesser chance over leeward locations."

For more information, check with the County of Maui or the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

If the ocean is murky - stay out! What animals hang out in murky water? That's right - sharks come closer to shore to see what the rain has washed into the ocean. So make sure you stay out.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Finally some news on one of the Maui missing women's cases!

Back in January/February of this year, two Maui women went missing, both reportedly last seen by their ex-boyfriends. These are cases that have gripped the Maui community with hundreds of volunteers spending countless hours searching for these two women.

Today breaking news - the ex-boyfriend in the second case has been indicted on a murder charge in the case of the 5 months pregnant missing Carly (aka Charli) Scott.

Of course, innocent until proven guilty, but this is welcome news for the family.

Sadly there is still no news on what happened to Moreira Monsalve.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Airplane food

Airplane food is, well, not the best. So many airlines have completely eliminated complimentary airplane meals now. You can still buy meals on longer flights, but they're not great. Why is that? I found an article on Alaskan Airlines' blog, Busting the Myth of Bad Airline Food. Have a read! I'm not sure if I buy it entirely, but it's interesting.